I created this reel for my seminar in digital filmmaking class with Professor Megan Sperry at SUNY New Paltz.

This short horror film was created in Professor Robert Harris' field production course at SUNY New Paltz. I created the storyboard during pre-production for this project and assisted in videography/sound. Every group member edited their own footage — this is my version.

I directed and created this film entirely on my own. I was responsible for videography, audio, script, location and editing.

This documentary was created for an environmentally focused documentary assignment in my digital storytelling class with Professor Brett Barry. My partner and I both recorded audio and video, and collaborated during the editing process. 

I created this documentary individually for an assignment in Professor Robert Harris' field production class. I was responsible for all audio, video and editing.

I created this video individually for an assignment in my field production class, and another edit of it is published on the Legislative Gazette.

I created this video individually as an assignment for my digital storytelling class, where we had to interpret a song and create a video surrounding it.

I created this in my audio production class with Professor Brett Barry utilizing SUNY New Paltz's recording studio and ProTools, an audio editing software. I collaborated with a partner throughout the creation of this PSA.

I created this informative podcast with a partner during my audio production class. I collaborated with my partner throughout, whether it was doing research, recording and editing audio, or finding sources.

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