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The Grove Collective Calls For Change To Spring 2021 Semester Plan

SUNY New Paltz students are tired, distraught, stressed and overworked this semester, which begs the question: what can they do about it? Two weeks ago, third-year theatre arts major Dom Torrez started a petition on behalf of the New Paltz Grove Collective — a small group of students whose mission is to take initiative due to decisions of the SUNY New Paltz administration and guide them to make tangible changes, and to allow the voices of the student body to be heard. The petition lists “actio

Cuomo attempting to establish identity protection for future COVID vaccine recipients

In an attempt to protect immigrant communities in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter on Nov. 2 to President Trump, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. This past week, the CDC had states sign a Data Use Agreement, which would require every state to document personal information of every person who receives a vaccine: their name, address, date of birth, ethnicity, race and sex

Delgado claims victory in NY-19 – The Legislative Gazette

NEW YORK — In a tight race that kept Congressional District 19 constituents on the edge of their seats, Democrat Congressman Antonio Delgado has unofficially defeated Republican Kyle Van de Water for this year’s open seat. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, early voting was a staple in New York’s election, garnering around 2.2 million early voters, according to the Associated Press. In District 19 as of Nov. 1, there are 476,023 active voters: 163,051 Democrats and 146,056 Republicans, along wit

City of Kingston events celebrate and advocate for democracy

KINGSTON, NY — The day after Election Day, residents of the City of Kingston unified in a peaceful walk for Black lives, and a celebration of America’s democracy and the ongoing presidential election. The Wednesday Walks 4 Black Lives began back in early June and have been occurring biweekly in Kingston since. After protestors concluded their walk in Academy Green Park, Anne Ames, with the local chapter of End the New Jim Crow Network, spoke to attendees and emphasized the theme of the night: “

Legislation proposed to combat long lines at polling locations

The “Make Voting Easy” Act was proposed this past weekend by Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris to expand and generate early voting sites in order to prevent long lines in the next election that currently force voters to wait hours. Sen. Gianaris’ proposal requires one polling site for every 25,000 registered voters within every county in New York, according to a press release from the New York State Senate. “Boards of Elections failed to adequately provide enough early voting opportunities

Candidates for Assembly District 94 spar over campaign practices

Spread between Westchester and Putnam counties, District 94 is looking at a third-term from Republican Assemblyman Kevin Byrne. On Nov. 3, more than 90,360 active voters will decide if Byrne, or his opponent Democrat Stephanie Keegan, will win. In 2016, former Republican Assemblyman Stephen Katz did not seek reelection. Assemblyman Byrne ran for office and won the primary election with approximately 60 percent of the vote over Suzanne McDonough. After Assemblyman Byrne won in 2016 over Democra

Lawmakers, local leaders combat fear and confusion to get New Yorkers counted in 2020 census

State lawmakers are alerting constituents and local community leaders that the deadline for completing the census has been moved yet again, and the sooner New Yorkers can file it, the better. As the deadline has been a moving target, “the final schedule still remains in flux,” according to Politico. “It’s not clear when apportionment data will ultimately be finalized, including whether it would occur before Jan. 20 of next year, the presidential inauguration, which could result in a change of a

Assemblywoman holds hearing to address rise in substance abuse attributed to COVID-19

Accompanying Rosenthal, testimony was heard from the Commissioner of the Office of Addiction Services and Supports Arlene Gonzáles-Sánchez; Executive Director of the NYS Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Kelly Hansen; President of the Coalition of Medication Assisted Treatment Providers and Advocates Allegra Schorr; Executive Director of NYS Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Lauri Cole, the NY Deputy State Director of the Drug Policy Alliance Melissa Moore, and many others.A

In wake of boy’s murder, new bill increases penalty for drive-by shooting deaths

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, along with Sen. Daphne Jordan, have teamed up to introduce legislation that will ensure the people responsible for a drive-by shooting will be held accountable after an 11-year-old boy was fatally shot in the head after a drive-by shooting in Troy on Sept. 13. This legislation was introduced on Sept. 19 by Santabarbara and will coincide with a bill introduced in the Senate by Sen. Jordan, a Republican, to add murder caused by drive-by shootings to the list of of

New COVID-19 ‘Report Card’ tracks infection rates in schools

On September 8, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new COVID-19 “Report Card, an online dashboard for New York school districts to record and publicize up-to-date information on positive cases and testing protocols. Per Cuomo’s Executive Order, the dashboard will be updated daily and will provide the day and time at which new information is published. The dashboard includes information on positive cases by date for students and staff, the number of students and staff who are on-site, the percentage

One in Six Adults With Alzheimer’s Go Missing Every Year. Families Share How They Cope

One in Six Adults With Alzheimer’s Go Missing Every Year. Families Share How They Cope When people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias wander or get lost, caregivers may turn to technology, local police, or their communities for help — or a combination of all three — but virtually no one can do it all on their own. In June of 2016, the day after 73-year-old Jim Steele’s young grandkids spent the night, he went missing. One of his grandchildren left their baby bunny in their crib, an

School Sports: Cognitive Testing, High Risk and High Rewards

The August before my junior year of high school, I spent time training for field hockey preseason, a week of rigorous practices in the summer heat. After two years of playing for the varsity team, I thought I knew every step to be cleared for the first practice. But this year, I learned, there was a new requirement: cognitive testing. On a preseason weekday morning at 8 a.m. all members of my team turned up to take an ImPACT test — a series of memory based digital quizzes, using shapes, pattern

Yes, You Can Get Paid For Being A Family Caregiver. Here's How

Being Patient spoke with Sima Schoen from the Family Caregivers Alliance about one of her most frequently asked questions: “Can I get paid for being a family caregiver?” Millions of Americans live with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia — and millions more take care of them. By 2050, cases of Alzheimer’s are expected to triple, meaning millions more children, other family members, and friends may find themselves with a new job that can take many hours each week, and sometimes, every bit of

Baptism by Fire: Nursing Students Prepare for an Unseen Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the United States, with the respect of nurses skyrocketing in every facet. A current nurse describes the turmoil, two students try to virtually learn, while another student takes on the frontlines: what does this mean for them? You walk through the sliding doors at 7 p.m. and pick up the scrubs the hospital began to wash for you. The calmness felt in the parking lot does not carry over inside, and the chaotic 12-hour night shift you’ve already worked twice

Why Music Can Help Ease A Bad Mood

During a time of social distancing and quarantine, you can feel isolated, as if the voice in your head will never be quiet. I’ve found that music is a way to let loose and forget about the world crumbling around me, the boredom I’m feeling or even the snowballing my school work has begun to take. Now that we’re in finals season, college students are finding difficulty in calming their minds, but we can turn to music. Jeffery Seitz, fourth-year SUNY New Paltz student, describes piano instrumen

Triumphant Victory for Women’s Basketball, Next Stop: NCAAs

The top seeded SUNY New Paltz women’s basketball team had a weekend of excitement in the SUNYAC Championship, taking the trophy home for the Hawks. During the first quarter, the Lady Hawks dominated the Buffalo State Bengals, allowing only five points to light up their side of the scoreboard. In scoring 18 during the first quarter, fourth-years Maddie Van Pelt, Paige Niemeyer, Philesha Teape, Marion Dietz and first-years Maddie Gillis, Lexi Van Vorst and Cassidy Deaver all tallied points to the

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